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Mission Statement 

"Our membership advocates hard work and a strong mindset that not only carries over to the firehouse/ station house frame work but undoubtedly to the field. We seek to promote health and wellness through our daily fitness routine of; constantly varied high intensity functional movement . We're dedicated to both growing our philosophy towards health on a united front while inspiring others to become better versions of themselves and maintaining and enthusiastic team atmosphere"

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The Board Members

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Ricardo Roman


 B.S. in Human Movement/ Exercise Science... CrossFit Level 1/ CrossFit Gymnastics / CrossFit Aerobic Capacity; CrossFit Competitors Course and a USAW Sports Performance Coach. Ricardo’s strong belief in CrossFit methodology and has been a disciple since 2010. The need for competition in a sport was heaven sent when CrossFit hit the scene in 2007. Representing the FDNY in CrossFit 2015 in Virginia, 2017 in Los Angeles and 2019 in Chengdu, China. At WPFG in 2019 he was able to podium, taking the silver medal. Serving as President he aims to progress the club to new heights. He oversees all day to day activities including its social media page on Instagram. Ultimately he hopes to bestow his knowledge as both an athlete and a fan of the sport to invoke a cultural shift towards daily WOD’ing by the membership. 


Gino Schettini

Recording Secretary

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